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Tony Waun
SMC Propane Manager

W505  South Drive
Stephenson, MI 49887


Monday - Friday  8 am -4:30 pm

SMC Propane Tank Set Information

Leased Propane Tank Sizes:
120 Gallon
250 Gallon
500 Gallon
1000 Gallon

Propane Tank Lease :
$99.00  to lease tank and tank hook up + 1.00 20 year lease
also includes: 
1st stage regulator, fittings, tank blocks, pigtail, tubing and labor up to 20ft as well as a gas and pressure check. 

Additional charges for leased tank sets:
2nd stage regulator $95.00 
Extra parts, fittings, tubing and labor after 20 feet.

Lease agreement per tank per Year (flat fee) :
120 gallon - $100 
250 gallon - $125
500  gallon - 600 gallon usage or $175.00
1000 gallon - 1200 gallon usage or $200.00
Keep Fill: 
Keep fill delivery plan attaches a monitor to the tank and is refilled when the tank is at about 25%. The tank must be accessible at all times and a current credit on your account. Second homes or seasonal residences may not be eligible for this plan.

Will Call:
Will call plan requires the customer to take full responsibility of letting the SMC Propane office know when your tank is 20-30% full. This allows your driver 5 working days to deliver your requested fill amount or minimum of 200 gallons (500 for 1000 gallon tank). If you need a delivery sooner than the 5 working days or you run out, there will be an appropriate trip charge. The tank must be accessible at all times and a current credit on your account. 

*SMC will not change your plan with out notifying you.

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