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From propane to grain and so much more Stephenson Marketing Cooperative has been "your first choice" since 1921. In the early days ​of 1920, a group of local farmers in the Stephenson area came together to form a group of like minded individuals who were looking to support the future of agriculture in Menominee County. Starting with ten members strong, the group originally operated under the name "Stephenson Farm Bureau Local" and met monthly to discuss the progression of farming and how the group would continue to grow and gain new members.

 Upon becoming officially incorporated on October 12th, 1921 the name was changed to "Stephenson Marketing Association", which has now evolved to the present day name of " Stephenson Marketing Cooperative". In the late 1920's the members of the Stephenson Marketing Association established bylaws, created a board of directors, and formed a building committee who worked to purchase and establish a warehouse. The warehouse was to be used for local farmers to bring their products for storage in exchange for money and to be able to purchase things like seed and supplies. During the 1930's and 1940's, The Stephenson Marketing Association continued to grow, focusing on stockholders and adding new buildings.

Over the years Stephenson Marketing Cooperative has grown to be a successful resource for area farmers. Today SMC continues to serve the Menominee County and surrounding communities with agriculture feeds and supplies, propane, a mechanical service garage, and everyday needs with two convenience store locations. The Board of Directors continues to carry on the tradition of meeting monthly at the corporate office in Stephenson, MI to discuss the ever-changing agriculture industry and how to best serve the farmers of the area.

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