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At Stephenson Marketing Cooperative we work with you to help your animals achieve  the nutrition goals that you set.  We have on staff dairy and beef nutritionist that can help tailor a feeding plan just for you.  We also work with a variety of specialist that can create a custom feed plan for almost any species of animals that you may have.
We can also custom grind and mix feed to your specifications. 
Stephenson Marketing Cooperative  Brand Feeds
16% Calf Grower
18% High Energy Calf Ration
20% Calf Starter
Show Steer Feed (Super Steer)
Deer Mix 
12% Horse
14% & 20% Pig Grower
12%  Sheep Feeds 
Egg Layer Mash
Scratch Grains 
Corn & Oats 
Feed Brands Available at SMC
Hubbard Feeds
Quality Liquid Feeds 
Tribute Horse feeds

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Bill Wilson
Stephenson Feed Mill Manager

W505  South Drive
Stephenson, MI 49887


Monday - Friday    8 am-4:30 pm
Saturday 8 am-12 pm 

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Jeff Forstrum
Aurora Feed Mill Manager

1109 County Rd. B
Niagara, WI 54151


Monday - Friday  8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am-12 pm 

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