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Stephenson Marketing Cooperative - Propane Dept.
5799 Incomm Drive
P.O. Box 139
Florence, WI 54121

Toll Free:   800-252-8604
Phone:  715-528-4444

Emergency Line

Monday - Friday  8 am -4:30 pm
  • SMC Covers over 22 different areas in our local Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Areas.
  • We are pleased  to proved two office locations Stephenson, MI  and Florence, WI.
  • We offer 6 certified employees, who consider  Safety is the   #1 priority at SMC,
  • At SMC we are pleased to assist you in all your propane needs including :
    •  Filling Cylinders 
    • Camp Tanks  
    • Residential 
    • Commercial needs
  • SMC personnel is on 24/7 to assist you in any situation that you may encounter.
How it works:
If you are currently receiving propane from another company we will remove the current tank putting it to the side  and replace it with one of our tanks.  If you are starting new and need a complete installation our propane
Leasing the tank:
  • Lease the appropriate size tank for your propane needs and all equipment up to 20 feet at $99.99.  This price includes your tank, first stage regulator, fittings & parts, tank blocks and a complete gas check and pressure check.

  • 2nd stage regulator will be installed on your building for $89.00 which is good for 25 years.

Optional Winter Contracts

Propane BUDGET canva.JPG

Budget Contract

This option allows you to pay one set amount each month for 11 months based on your past usage and a yearly estimated average of propane. When you do receive a delivery, you will be charged your budget price regardless of how high the price goes. You will pay only your set amount per month, which is subject to change based upon actual usage.

Propane CEILING canva.JPG

Ceiling Contract

 We will figure out your gallons you will need for the winter (based on your past usage) and you pay a non-refundable $25.00 charge but no deposit fee. This contract does allow fluctuation on the price. You pay market price at your delivery but only up to your Ceiling Contract price. If market price happens to go below the Ceiling price, than you pay the cheaper rate.

Propane PREBUY canva.JPG

Pre-Buy Contract

This is a Fixed (Lock-In) Contract. You purchase your estimated gallons 100% up front for the winter at a fixed rate (based upon your past usage). The fixed rate will stay locked in regardless of the market price. If you do not use all your gallons up by April 30 you will lose the gallons at the fixed rate but your credit will stay on your account. If you use all of your fixed gallons before April 30, than you pay posted price

Other Contracts that SMC offers:​
  • Will Call Plan
  • Keep Full Plan
  • We offer a Summer Fill Plan for 6 weeks during the summer. This includes 10 cents off your price.  ​​
  • We understand that life happens! Need to change your plan? No Problem! Contracts can be changed at any time, just simply give us a call.
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