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All hunters know that on opening day, The hard work they put in the off season  pays off!  Let Stephenson Marketing Cooperative  be your first choice for all your food plot needs.  We are pleased to offer area hunters with the best quality resources for clothing, boots, ammo, and much more. Stop by  SMC today  to  talk with our agronomist about all your food plot and outdoor needs.

Food Plot Seed 
All sold  by the pound and in 50 lb. bags
Ladino Clover 
Red Clover
White Dutch Clover 
Yellow Blossom Clover
Buck Wheat
Rapis Seed 
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Looking for the perfect deer feed mix?  
Look no further SMC is excited to offer our own custom deer feed.  Corn, molasses, and oats is sure to give your deer a tasty treat. 
Available September - December.
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Need to purchase your hunting and fishing license? Visit one of our C-Store locations today for all your outdoor recreation  license needs.
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